Site Security – Where did all the posts go???

We have added a little more security to our site.  All of the posts  related to our children and specific family events are now restricted to site members.  We would love for you to share these experiences with us, but want to know who you are first.  Inez and I hope you understand.  If you have any questions or would like an account please contact Jerel.

Great Peeps Roast 2013

Wow, has it been a year already?

Contrary to popular belief (mainly mine) this website is not defunct.  We have been incredibly busy with school and the kiddies.  Inez is in the last few weeks of her senior year of college.  Her BFA show is up currently at the Woodbury Art Museum in Orem, Utah.

Yesterday we invited our friends the Obinyans over to enjoy Easter dinner with us.  They also partook in our yearly ritual of Roasting the Peeps.  There was much gooey sweetness and crunchy sugar coating involved.