Some might call me a Slacker

But I’m not. Things have been pretty busy for us. Since school is out for the summer I have been working full time. Inez has been busy with the kids, up through last week Faythe had soccer camp, and Ronza and Faythe had been practicing for their dance recital. My parents came in from out of town to see the kid’s recital. We really enjoyed having them with us. The dance recital went well… Faythe tried to mutiny at the end, we won’t go into everything that he did to try and get out of the dance. Suffice to say he had a pretty grumpy look on his face, even while he was on stage, right up until everyone laughed at one of his funny parts in the dance. Then his face lit up and the hammier side of his personality came out. At the end he was talking about the next dance recital that he wants to do. Esperanza did real well in the dance, we are very happy with her. She kept up real well with the other kids, who ranged from 6 months to 2 years older than her.

Inez has been preparing for her placement exams at UVSC. She too is doing real well. She has been studying math and working her way up from pre-algebra to college level algebra. She has also started a garden and had been working on that as well. Our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood ;P

Me, I have been working and when I can I try to slip out and do a little fly-fishing when I can. I add some pictures to this post later on. Hey, I have to do something to keep you all coming back.

— Jerel


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