That is a looooong drive

14 hours in my truck in about enough to wipe anyone out. At least that is my opinion and I am sticking to it. This past Monday I raced Mark and Kim home to Washington… They won, even with my 12 hour head start. Of course they took a plane to Washington and I took the truck. They were down for a family reunion, we also celebrated our niece Stella’s birthday a week ago (today). It was actually a week and a half ago, we were all able to gather Friday (the 20th) of last week. She is a cute baby. So as you may have gathered I (Jerel) have been in Washington for most of this week, working like a mad-man. I’m sorry to those of you I did not get to see while up here. Next trip I will try to not work so much and spend some time with you. I am looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow after the drive home.

Inez should be able to fill you all in on what happened down there while I was gone, I will post that update Sunday 😉 Maybe she will have some picture for me to post as well. Till then, you all take care and please keep in touch with us.

— Jerel


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Melanie and I grew up in Washougal WA, I am looking for someone that I’ve noticed mentioned on your site, Randy Feik. I knew him from Camas WA. If this is the same person please reply and let me know. Thank you,

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