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[Photo: Light at the end of the tunnel]Sorry no catchy title this time. This past week was a busy one (as usual) for Inez and me. The spring semester classes started this past Thursday for us, and school started for the kids as well. Inez is taking Political Science, Math, Art (Drawing I) and PE classes this semester. I am taking Art History: Classical Era, Ceramics III, Sculpture II, Water media I (painting with acrylics) and the Art Lectures courses. The first day of classes went well for both of us. The school book store had the wrong math books listed for Inez’s math class and we ended up eating a thirty dollar book, because the book store wouldn’t take it back… we are both a bit grumpy about that. Yesterday we went and got the brushes and canvases for my painting class… I have one word, ouch… Thankfully these brushes should last most of my natural born life. It feels good to be back at the school. Next we have to go and get the paints and I need about 200 pounds more of clay for this semester. I plan on doing allot of work. I also need to get a hold of a light cube and back drop, and now a tripod… so I can take digital slides of last semesters work.

I have officially launched the Grey Forest Studio website, of course those who know me know that I will forever be tweaking the site. You will need to update your bookmarks if you have done so, since I have changed the layout of the site and my portfolio. That’s about all I have to say right now. I may chime in later and add more until then I hope all is well with you and your families.

— Jerel


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