An Obvious Scam

Hey all,

Some of you got an email from me about this, I think it is important enough to post it here as well.

I just wanted to share a screen shot from an email I got today. It is obviously someone trying to scam me and steal my identity. I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

[Photo: Scammer Email]

3 Reasons this is a scam:

1. The email address it comes from (circled red) is not a U.S. government domain.
2. The url they want me to go to, to fill out the supposed form. That is a hexadecimal representation of an IP Address with a sub folder named
3. The IRS does not have my email address, I have never given it to them and official communications from the IRS would never come through email.

If you get an email like this do not click on the links provided or reply to them, just delete it and forget it.

— Jerel

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