The wrong kind of excitement

This past Wednesday Faythe was playing on the climbing wall / slide at his school and fell off, it was a nine foot drop to the bed of frozen snow and wood chips. He broke the fall with his face. Inez was there and helplessly witnessed the fall. She was able to get to him quickly and saw that he was hurt pretty bad. I had arrived home in time to get Esperanza from her and she hurried him off to the doctor. When Faythe landed his bottom teeth bit through his lower lip. Our GP said he could do the stitches but there would be a big scar, so he sent Inez and Faythe to a local plastic surgeon who promptly stitched up his lower lip. One hundred stitches later he was done, fifty on the inside and fifty on the outside of his lip. While he was working on Faythe’s lip he noticed that his lower teeth were loose, it appears that he fractured his jaw below the root line. Which means no solid food for five days and then soft foods for what seems like forever. He is starting to feel better now and is begging for solid foods. I think he is tired of Carnation Instant Breakfast and yogurt. He doesn’t mind the Fudgecicles and chocolate milk so much. He is also starting to feel better, as he is harassing his sister and us to no end.

In other news I will be attending the N.C.E.C.A. (National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts) conference this year in Pittsburgh, PA. I look forward to going and seeing the latest happenings in the Clay Arts world. To be sure there will be tons of pictures taken. The conference is March 19th through the 22nd. Special thanks to Fred Myers for helping me with the plane tickets there and back again. I really appreciate them.

That’s all the news I have for now, I’ll post more later.

— Jerel


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