Semester is over… Now what?

It is finaly over.  That was a fast 16 weeks for Inez and I.  Too fast.  I made some progress on my BFA show for next fall.  A few kinks are ironed out and a few new wrinkles were introduced.  Over all good progress was made.  Our finals week went rather well.  It had been such a great help to us to have Mark and Kim here.  There were some very long days spent in the clay lab working.  the 1st summer term starts in a couple days.  Inez is taking Painting with me and She is also taking Ceramics I.  That should be alot of fun for her and I.  The kids are doing alright.  I think we are all gearing up for summer and the endless possibilities it will present 😉

Today we are going to Draper to attend the baptism of one of Ryan Mose’s girls.  We are looking forward to it.

Now that the semester is over I will make a better attempt to post more often on our goings ons.

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