The Einstein Award…

Goes to Faythe Harwood. This past week was the Fifth Grade Science Fair at Vineyard Elementary. Faythe did his project on the effects of aerodynamics and drag on rocket fins. It was a great project and we had a ton of fun shooting off the rockets. He got 3 identical rocket kits and designed custom fins for two of them. Then we launched each rocket and observed the flight path and calculated the maximum altitude for each flight. The altitudes were then averaged and compared between each rocket along with the flight path data to determine the most successful flight. We had a great afternoon launching rockets. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for Faythe to get old enough to fire rockets with me. It is so much fun. The day following the Science Fair Faythe brought home the Einstein Award, he had won first place in his school science fair and is now invited to participate in the district science fair. Hooray for Faythe, we are so proud of his accomplishment!!!

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