It’s a Marshmallow World!

[snowcone]Faythe and I built a snow-fort in the front yard this week out of the snow we’ve shoveled from the driveway. Today Esperanza decorated it with food-coloring and water. It looks like a giant snow-cone! The cheerful colors are much appreciated by this neighborhood, who all seem to be suffering from cabin fever. It’s hard to believe with all this snow that spring will ever come, but even in these cold winter day I can feel the change coming. My headaches are almost gone and the hats will soon go in the closet again. (Smile)

[snowcone2]School has posed some interesting challenges this semester. My accessibility services have been challenged by the head of the math department and if they win the dispute, I will not be able to earn any degree. Although everyone I talk to is frustrated and offended that they could do such a thing, no one seems to have the authority to force them, or allow me math substitution. The math dean won’t even meet with me on this matter until fall 2009. Guess He’s hoping I’ll transfer to a different school, or drop out by then. Guess He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with, I am a patient woman.

For all of you who know my sister Sarah, she has announced she is expecting a baby boy in June. I am so excited! Faythe and Noah are eager to welcome him into the family. Faythes’ response was,” YES!” several whoops and a victory dance.[snowcone1]

Happy Valentines day to all of you and happy birthday to my nephew Orin Jones!

The Snowman in the yard is frozen hard

It’s been snowing allot, about every three days another storm rolls in. Last Saturday the snow was sticky and Faythe talked Jerel and I into building a GIANT SNOW-WOMAN. Jerel says it’s about seven feet tall but I think it’s closer to eight feet. Anyways it froze solid overnight and the weight of the ice caused it to settle. The settling has made it lean to one side a bit. Our snowman needs a V-8! I also built a snow burm in the back yard that gets taller every time it snows. It’s great for sledding down. You can see videos in the gallery.
School has started up again, I feel more ready for this semester than the last. I was able to work out study strategies last semester that should help me do well. At any rate school will keep my mind off of the headaches I get in the cold, and make the time move more quickly toward the warm weather.
The seed catalogs are coming in the mail. I love this time of year. It seems like just when the winter is the bitterest cold and I have begun to long for the fresh produce of summer, they come. Each page filled with bright and colorful plants so beautiful I can easy imagine the smell and taste of each one. It’s like getting a book of warm sunshine in the mail. I can’t wait to take naps in the hammock out in the garden in the warm summer sun.

— Inez