This is the Place!!!

[Photo: House we are renting in Orem, Utah]We found it, we found it! Inez and I have found the place where we are going to live for the next few years while I am in school. We are renting a little house in Orem Utah. It is a nice little home. We have been living here since this past Monday (January 9th 2006.) I will post pictures of our home when I get back to Utah from Phoenix, I am in Phoenix on a business trip.

Harwood Photo Gallery Re-launched

The photo galleries are all new; unfortunately with the move to the new server we were not able to retain the prior gallery membership, nor the old albums. I have now given access to the Harwood photo gallery, but the same rules apply, in order to see the Harwood family galleries you must be a site member. Please sign back up. Once you go the harwood gallery site there will be a link in the upper right to register, please follow the step by step instructions. As always if you have problems please email Jerel and he will help you. Please visit the photo gallery often, we have hundreds of Harwood Family photos to upload to the server and will not be posting here every time there is an update. If you would like your own sub-album to upload your own family (harwood relation) photos please contact Jerel or Inez we would both be happy to help you.

We’ve Moved (again)

[Photo: Faythe and Esperanza in a moving box]As most of you may know we have moved to Utah, where I will be returning to school full time to complete my degrees. Inez and I both feel that this is the best choice for our family and there is no better time than now to do it. We will keep you posted as we go along. As you also may have noticed I am redesigning the web site. There are more notes on that below.