Site Security – Where did all the posts go???

We have added a little more security to our site.  All of the posts  related to our children and specific family events are now restricted to site members.  We would love for you to share these experiences with us, but want to know who you are first.  Inez and I hope you understand.  If you have any questions or would like an account please contact Jerel.

An Obvious Scam

Hey all,

Some of you got an email from me about this, I think it is important enough to post it here as well.

I just wanted to share a screen shot from an email I got today. It is obviously someone trying to scam me and steal my identity. I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

[Photo: Scammer Email]

3 Reasons this is a scam:

1. The email address it comes from (circled red) is not a U.S. government domain.
2. The url they want me to go to, to fill out the supposed form. That is a hexadecimal representation of an IP Address with a sub folder named
3. The IRS does not have my email address, I have never given it to them and official communications from the IRS would never come through email.

If you get an email like this do not click on the links provided or reply to them, just delete it and forget it.

— Jerel

Uptime… Downtime…

Well hopefully none of you noticed the short maintainance outage on my server. My friend Brent took the quick opportunity to install a bit more RAM in the server this morning while I was configuring some VPN tunnels for him. The server now has some much needed memory capacity, it is running on two gigabytes of RAM instead of one. This will help with the serving of the web pages and the processing of the emails coming through my spam filters. For the record I did grab a quick screen shot of the up time of the server before it was shut down:

[Photo: Cith Uptime]

That is 415 Days, 13 Hours, and 10 Minutes. We’ll see how long it can go this time. You’ve gotta love Linux.

Ohh and CITH stands for “Cat in the Hat”, I had a Dr. Seuss theme going when the server was built.

— Jerel