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  • An Obvious Scam

    Hey all, Some of you got an email from me about this, I think it is important enough to post it here as well. I just wanted to share a screen shot from an email I got today. It is obviously someone trying to scam me and steal my identity. I just wanted to give […]

  • Uptime… Downtime…

    Well hopefully none of you noticed the short maintainance outage on my server. My friend Brent took the quick opportunity to install a bit more RAM in the server this morning while I was configuring some VPN tunnels for him. The server now has some much needed memory capacity, it is running on two gigabytes […]

  • Sorry no pictures this week.

    Not alot happened this past week. We are gearing up for the family reunion this next week and the visiting family that will be here. Randy and Sarah came down to visit on Saturday, we had fun being with them. I did go and see the new Harry Potter movie with Inez, It was pretty […]