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  • No, really we are still around.

    Just a quick note, The semester has finally ended (a week ago) and we are able to breathe again.  I will be working on a post for the begining of next week that will fill you all in on what has been happening with us over the past couple of months.  So stay tuned. — […]

  • It’s been over a month already?

    This past month has been pretty eventful I think the hardest part is figuring out where to start. Mark and Kim have been here in Utah for a month now.  Soon after I got home with Faythe from their house, Jeremy (one of my friends at work) mentioned that he and his wife were going […]

  • Happy Easter

    Our Family wishes you the best this Easter Season. We have some new family pictures posted in the photo galleries. Esperanza has been busy with her preschool class, they have been studying fish and worms. Inez and I made some of the “Worms and Dirt” dessert for her class, all of the girls loved it, […]