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  • Bahh, the new semester started…

    The new semester started and I didn’t take the time to write that “Catch-up” Post I wanted to. Oh well. When I get some time on my hands and don’t use it for other stuff, I will put down all that has been going on with us. The week of birthdays is in full swing. […]

  • Birthday Boy – The Big #8

    Yesterday was Faythe’s Birthday. He is now eight years old. Faythe and I celebrated his birthday by going camping with the Tolmans. Unfortunately Inez and Esperanza were not able to go. They are still in Camas, WA. with Mark and Kim. A week or so ago Kim got real sick and was admitted into the […]

  • Week of Birthdays is comming to a close

    What began with Inez’s Birthday a week ago Friday, is ending today on my birthday. Happy birthday to us both. Last night we went to Inez’s sisters to celebrate Evelynn’s 6th birthday. Sarah made me the cake you see to the right. I think it rocks… I can hear The 69 Eyes song “Gothic Girl” […]