Great Peeps Roast 2013

Wow, has it been a year already?

Contrary to popular belief (mainly mine) this website is not defunct.  We have been incredibly busy with school and the kiddies.  Inez is in the last few weeks of her senior year of college.  Her BFA show is up currently at the Woodbury Art Museum in Orem, Utah.

Yesterday we invited our friends the Obinyans over to enjoy Easter dinner with us.  They also partook in our yearly ritual of Roasting the Peeps.  There was much gooey sweetness and crunchy sugar coating involved.


The Great Peep Roast of 2012

We are still here.  It has been a long, though mild Winter for us here in Utah.  The family has been extremely busy with school.  Jerel is in his first official year of grad school at Brigham Young University.  Inez is in her senior year at Utah Valley University, where in addition to her regular classes she is also active with the Honors (CAL) Program. For the past couple of months Inez has been working out of a local studio in the Wolverine Crossings Development producing giant stain paintings.  They were too big to work on here at our home studio.  We are all working hard toward the end of the current semesters in our respective schools.  You can see some of our latest work on our studio website Faythe and Esperanza have been very active with school as well.  Faythe has been participating in his school orchestra, learning to play the violin.  He is coming along quite nicely in his efforts and plays rather well.  Esperanza has been active with a tumbling/ gymnastics class and is also doing great.

This evening we held our annual Easter Peeps Roast.  The family had a great time cooking their peeps over an open fire.  The only thing missing was the chocolate and graham crackers. Enjoy the pictures.

say hello to my little friend

We saw Fort Bridger and enjoyed the walk in houses getting a feel for the history and how life was experienced during the early settling of the frontier. We stayed at Fort Collins, CO and got in our first fishing at the pond at the KOA. A couple days ago we drove and stayed in the great plain state of Salina, Kansas and Stanton, Missouri for one night each. We went through Illinois and Indiana and wound up in Ohio Dayton k.o.a ROTFL. We visited the The National Museum of the Air Force. i really enjoyed the simulators and cockpits that you can climb up and jump into also standing under the bomb bays 😉