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  • Vibrant Protest

    Vibrant Protest

    Check out Inez’s newest project, “Vibrant Protest”.  She is creating the worlds longest tie-dye and just over 1/2 mile long.  The project has started and will be finished on March 7th.  To find our more about this artwork please go to our website http://vibrantprotest.com

  • Semester is over… Now what?

    It is finaly over.  That was a fast 16 weeks for Inez and I.  Too fast.  I made some progress on my BFA show for next fall.  A few kinks are ironed out and a few new wrinkles were introduced.  Over all good progress was made.  Our finals week went rather well.  It had been […]

  • Bahh, the new semester started…

    The new semester started and I didn’t take the time to write that “Catch-up” Post I wanted to. Oh well. When I get some time on my hands and don’t use it for other stuff, I will put down all that has been going on with us. The week of birthdays is in full swing. […]

  • One Year Older

    Esperanza is one year older this month.  She is growing so fast.  We have been extremely busy since the start of this semester.  I feel like we are running with the throttle wide open and as such I hope you all do not give up on me posting semi regularly.  I plan to do so.  […]