Where? Oh Where, has our Summer gone?

[Photo: Faythe in the night]School starts for Faythe next week.  The rest of us start the week after that.  Where oh where has our summer gone.  I had so many things I was going to do, school projects to finish, rivers to fish, sites to camp at.  This summer was not a total loss though.  We spent our Monday nights at a park in Provo with some friends listening to live concerts sponsored by the Provo Arts Council.  They were pretty good, and the price was just right (free).  Those ended a couple of weeks ago and since then we have been doing B.Y.O.M. (bring your own meat) Barbecues.[Photo: Ronza and the Dog] It has been great.  It has given us chance to try new recipes and enjoy our friends.  I’ve also been honing my Root Beer brewing skills, it is starting to taste rather good, I’m glad I paid attention to Jim Richardson while growing up, though I have tweaked his recipe quite a bit.  I am now ready to move into other soda flavors.

This past weekend we went camping with the Stearmans.  We went up to the Rock Cliff campground at Jordanelle Reservoir.  It was a quick camping trip, and we had allot of fun up there.  It seems we got home at just the right time too, the sky opened up Saturday night and we had quite the thunder storm move through the area.[Photo: Pumpkin Carriage]

I have not been out fishing for almost a month now.  When the evenings roll around I am usually pretty tired from the days activities and not in much of a mood to go slogging through a river.  Maybe once it cools down a bit I will get out more, of course with school starting soon that is more of a “pipe dream”.  Inez and I are both going full time, I am very excited I have less than a year left untill I am done.  While I love being in school I am really looking forward to completing my studies here.  It has not been easy especially with some of our more recent trials, but school is worth it.[Photo: Something in the Moat] The school we are attending is now officially a University, it is now called Utah Valley University.

Last friday Inez took Esperanza to a princess festival, Ronza dressed up in her “Princess” clothes and got to go to a castle and learn princess manners, save a couple of princesses and dance in a royal ball.  Which is what Inez and Ronza had, a Royal Ball.  Faythe and I hung out while they were at the festival, packing the truck for our camping trip.

If it is so cute… why did they want to take it out?

So lets recap on what has been happening with the Harwood Family for the past little while.

The last time I wrote I spoke about the projects that had to get done for school and trying to prepare my truck for the then upcoming emissions test. The good news is the truck passed emissions, the bad news is the rear third member (rear differential) went out on the truck, it got replaced, the good news from that is, my truck runs much quieter and I think that I will not have to rebuilt the transmission now (knocks on wood).

In March I was able to go to the NCECA conference in Pittsburgh. It was a good conference and I am grateful to those who made it possible for me to attend. I stayed with Lisa and Nathan while I was out there and really enjoyed their company. While there I saw many exhibits and listened to a few lectures ranging from publishing papers and learning about upcoming books to putting together a portfolio and applying for graduate school.

The time after NCECA through the end of the semester went by really fast. It was filled with paper writing and completing projects for our classes.

Our finals week was very exciting. I went to bed last Tuesday with an ache/pinching feeling in my side, when I woke up Wednesday I was still hurting. Our Wednesday afternoon was pretty booked up. Esperanza had an appointment to get her eyes checked and Faythe was scheduled to have his lip repaired, the last time the doctor has looked at it there was some scar tissue that was causing his lips to close improperly. Through out the day my side continued to hurt and the rest of my stomach area was beginning to hurt as well, by the time we got to Esperanza’s appointment I was feeling pretty bad. The eye doctor put some drops in Esperanza’s eyes to dilate them and told us to come back in thirty to forty minutes. While they were doing that Inez had gotten a hold of our health care provider and had spoken with them, they told her to get me to the emergency room and get checked out. Fortunately the eye doctor was in the same building as a hospital. We walked over to the emergency room, which was empty, and they admitted me right away. They had to do the usual gamut of tests and even preformed a CT Scan on my abdomen. After the Doctor had time to look over the tests and the scan he diagnosed me with acute-appendicitis. He then told me they would have to have to remove my appendix. Their operating room was in use and I would have to wait for them to finish before they could operate on me, this was about 5 PM. At 9 PM they rolled me into the O. R. and removed my appendix. They called Inez around 10 PM to tell her that the operation had been a success and they were going to keep me there until the next afternoon. I was stuck sitting in my chair because that was the most comfortable place for me to be while I was waiting for the pain to subside. By Sunday I was getting pretty restless, Monday I was able to move around a bit more and today (Thursday) I went to work.  As of today I am starting to feel pretty good, though sharp movements or jarring hurt in the abdomen area. Inez has been a wonderful help through all of this, as have the children.

— Jerel

The Glaicers in our yard are receeding

Looks like things *may* warm up a bit. The weather was a balmy 48 deg. Fahrenheit yesterday. Warm enough I broke out the Barbecue and cooked up a few Pork Chops, and grilled some bell peppers, onions, and a portobello mushroom. After that I grilled some pineapple slices. It was all pretty dang good. while we were eating the storm that was threating to break while I was outside, finally let loose and it has been raining and sleeting ever since. I sure missed good barbecued food.

I’m not sure what Inez has booked up for herself this coming week, but I am going to be rather busy with school work. I’ve got one paper to write, a project proposal for my sculpture class to put together (costs of materials, reasons behind my ideas for the project, etc.) another sculpture to finish, which by the way basswood is a bugger to cut with a jig saw blade, the sawdust keeps packing up the blade, making it impossible to cut. I’ve got a bunch of pots to glaze and more to throw, and I have to finish casting a mold of my hand for use in a sculpture. All in all I’ve got allot to do. I hope you all have a good week as well.

— Jerel

Oh and I forgot that I will have to change out the Air Suction (a.k.a. reed) valve on my truck, when the part shows up this week.  Toyota conveniently quit manufacturing the part, and subsequently no one else makes it either.  I was finally able to track one down in a salvage yard in Denver, Colorado.   I sure hope it is in good condition, as I have to run the truck through emissions next month and I’m sure it won’t pass if that part is not functioning.