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  • Ghetto Paint Job

    Inez’s words are, “Awful!!!  It looks hideous.” I say it looks better than it did.  The long story is that I spent the last couple of weeks working on my Toyota Pickup, redoing the front Axel and Knuckle seals along with the bearings; wheel and trunnion.  It needed them bad, before my study abroad session […]

  • The Glaicers in our yard are receeding

    Looks like things *may* warm up a bit. The weather was a balmy 48 deg. Fahrenheit yesterday. Warm enough I broke out the Barbecue and cooked up a few Pork Chops, and grilled some bell peppers, onions, and a portobello mushroom. After that I grilled some pineapple slices. It was all pretty dang good. while […]