Wish List

I’m not sure where else to put this, but I have been told that I am hard to shop for and people don’t know what to get us. To make it easier on you, and being in danger of coming across the wrong way I am going to post a list of gift ideas for each of us. (ASIN Numbers are for Amazon.com).


  • Help with Tuition/Book/Art Supplies
  • Book; Debt Free on any Income, ISBN-10: 1590382749
  • Book; The Encyclopedia of Country Living, ISBN-13: 9781570613777
  • Book; Complete Make-a-mix Cookbook : How to make your Own Mixes, ISBN-13: 978-1557880130


  • Help with Tuition/Book/Art Supplies
  • Primus – Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People ASIN: B0000CEB6B
  • Stargate Atlantis Season 2 (Thinpak/Widescreen) ASIN: B000LC4ZI0
  • Stargate Atlantis Season 3 (Thinpak/Widescreen) ASIN: B000RW3YYA
  • Stargate Atlantis Season 4 (Thinpak/Widescreen) ASIN: B0017MO11O
  • Stargate Atlantis Season 5 (Thinpak/Widescreen) ASIN: B00243FQFA
  • Sanctuary Season 1 ASIN: B002CLKP00
  • My Family Season 1 (British Comedy) ASIN: B000GB5MHE
  • My Family Season 2 (British Comedy) ASIN: B000GB5MHO
  • Farscape Season 1 ASIN: B00006G8ES
  • Farscape Season 2 ASIN: B0000C0F8Z
  • Farscape Season 3 ASIN: B0002IQFG8
  • Farscape Season 4 ASIN: B0002VGSBM
  • Farscape The Peacekeeper Wars ASIN: B0006FO9B0
  • Chuck The Complete First Season ASIN: B000VWC9YW
  • Chuck The Complete Second Season ASIN: B001FB4VYE
  • Eureka Season 1 ASIN: B000OY8NII
  • Eureka Season 2 ASIN: B0017INRFE


  • Lego’s – Any set, though he is currently collecting the Starwars and Mars Mission sets.
  • He is reading the “Magic Tree House” Series


  • She also likes Lego’s
  • Also collects the Fisher Price “Loving Family” doll house sets.
  • My Little Pony

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